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Obeo trainings are designed by specialists developping or leading the technologies related.
Their trainers are mostly committers from Eclipse Foudation or authors of the products described in the training.

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Obeo experts have extended knowledge on model engineering technologies and they use it on everyday professional missions. Composed for 50% of practical exercises, each course will provide you with real experience feedback.

Trainings catalog

MDA trainings and models transformations
MDA broad vision Training Program Quote Quote
Acceleo Training Program Quote Quote
Sirius - Basics Training Program Quote Quote
Obeo Designer - Basics Training Program Quote Quote
ATL Training Program Quote Quote
Eclipse trainings
EMF Training Program Quote Quote
SCA Training Program Quote Quote

Obeo offers also custom training programs and "intra-trainings" (inside your company) .

Trainings schedule

  • Planning:

    Trainings given in english are provided only on demand (see the available trainings list above).

    For information, the french schedule trainings is available here.

  • Location:

    Our experts can provide trainings all over the world, but only on site or on partner location.

  • Support:

    All our engineerings are fluent in english and provide english training supports.

Please contact us for more information to commercial@obeo.fr.