MDA and Productivity

Obeo offers innovative solutions to achieve more efficiency in the area of modeling (MDA approach). Our know-how around modeling and Eclipse technologies enables our customers to :
  • optimize their software development process
  • improve the management of the complexity of their systems
  • have better agility and durability with their IT investments
We are focused on sharing our passion and expertise so that your Business can make the most of models !

MDA/MDE : the solution for managing growing system complexity

The OMG has proposed a new approach to reach the industrial software development level through the use of models : the MDA approach. This standard gives some guidelines on how to automatize the transition between models and software code.

Model Driven Engineering

Models have proven to be very useful to express in a precise manner the needs and the Business of companies. Harvesting, extracting and generating data from models by the use of MDA tools is the way to go to improve productivity and Business value.
Obeo is the ideal partner to help you to get the most of your models and to make sure that your IT system is aligned with your Business.

Obeo added value

Our market position is quite clear : we are the specialists of model based tooling for automating software development.
We work with the team in charge of architecture or tools and methodology, and we provide on the shelf or customized solutions to meet perfectly the technical and business context of our customers as in the Business Case – Pôle Emploi and Acceleo.

Obeo is strongly involved in Eclipse and its community, and has already 8 Eclipse commiters and 4 Eclipse project leaders. Thanks to a team made of experts in the modeling and Eclipse arena, we can help you to set-up industrial quality solutions based on : EMF, GMF, Acceleo, ATL, SCA, etc... Our services are amongst :

  • DSL design
  • DSM development based on GMF
  • Acceleo code generator development for specific needs
  • Consultancy and expertise on MDA/MDE
  • Trainings

If you wish to have your own modeling or code generation solution, please do not hesitate to contact us contact us for more information.