Migration and refactoring

Applications and software used by most of the great companies are the result of many years of experience and development. Because these applications are crucial for our clients' businesses, Obeo offers an automatized software migration process via its Agility product.
This migration and refactoring process is an efficient and fully functional answer for all issues faced when trying to ensure a software's durability :

  • source language obsolescence
  • Growing rate of the maintenance and evolution costs
  • Rarefaction of the abilities

This offers a ready for use solution adapted to the update of important code bases at minimal cost. The Agility technology also automatizes refactoring projects (for example, when merging several existing softwares in the event of company merges). Finally, Obeo's solutions efficiently solve many software application issues such as :

  • Software evolution at the same time as its architecture or framework evolution.
  • Integrate existing softwares to new developments when switching to a model-driven approach (reverse modeling)
  • Check that development rules and software architecture conventions are followed
  • Reverse documenting and understanding of a whole application when projects are maintained by third party actors.
  • How to apply SOA approaches to existing projects

Migration offer

Modernization needs of our clients are varied (technology, volume, business, ...). All of our offers have thus been designed towards the fulfillment of all these potential issues :

  • Ready for use migration solutions : our offer already covers several migration scenarios for which we can provide pre-configured solutions. When such a scenario can be applied, we'll also support you in the learning process of our technologies.
  • Customized migration factories : when targeting rare or exotic technologies, we can design migration factories adapted to your needs or project in essentially no time at all.
  • Training, coaching and advices : for clients wishing to develop their own migration factories, we offer training courses for the Agility technology so that they can efficiently make use of it themselves. This approach can prove to be the best choice when confidentiality is at stake.
  • ASP mode migration : the Obeo team can offer its services to fully or partially take the design in charge so that the migration process can be contracted out.

If you're searching for a modernization product adapted to your specific needs, feel free to contact us for any kind of additional information.

Migration offer

The proposed migration offer includes many technologies.

As input the following platforms are considered by Agility:

  • Java/J2EE, JSP
  • C# (C sharp), .NET
  • Flex
  • Visual Basic (3 to 6) and ASP
  • UDS-Forté
  • COBOL (GCos, MVS, Unix, ...)
  • ABAP
  • Progress
  • Oracle Forms
  • PL/SQL
  • Delphi and Pascal
  • PowerBuilder
  • NSDK
  • Ada
  • C and C++
  • Fortran
  • etc.

As target the following up-to-date platforms are considered:

  • JEE + well-known frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, JPA, etc.)
  • C# and/or .NET
  • Flex
  • GWT
  • etc.

Furthermore, refactorings can be performed on any of the input platforms.

If you're searching for a modernization product that adapts to your context, feel free to contact us for any information.