Obeo helps you in the implementation of Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), and Service Component Architectures (SCA). SCA provides a unique solution, enabling integration of existing components and simplifying the development and evolution of SOA.

Obeo offers you:

  • Its expertise in the Eclipse SCA Tools project
  • Its experience as participant in the Steering Committee of the SOA Industrial Working Group of the Eclipse Foundation
  • Tools based on SCA for cartography and migration of legacy code.

Support and Service

As leader of the Eclipse SCA Tools project, Obeo provides you the consulting services of SCA experts. Obeo also guides you in using or extending the SCA tooling ad-hoc to your profile:

  • IT Systems : Integration to a process of urbanization and interconnection
  • Embedded : Adaptation to embedded or real-time technologies
  • Integrator : Integration in a reference environment for partnership in an SOA offering
  • Editor : Adding SOA tooling to an existing product through standard and powerful functionalities
  • Expert : Integration to a MDA process


Obeo provides training sessions on the SCA standard to facilitate modeling and implementation of service-oriented architectures.

Those training outline the different sections of the SCA standard (assembly, binding, implementations, ...) with many practical exercises. The idea is to allow students to understand the facilities provided by SCA in architecture and development tasks. The OW2-FraSCAti and Apache-Tuscany runtimes are used through tools provided by the Eclipse SCA Tools project.

Tools for Cartography and Migration of legacy systems

Based on the SCA standard, Obeo offers both cartography and migration tools to migrate existing applications. Using SCA allows for the gradual rewritting of existing applications by facilitating interconnection between legacy systems and modernized systems.
Obeo offers :

  • Extractors based on Obeo Agility that detect components, services and bindings in legacy code,
  • Graphical viewpoints based on Obeo Designer enabling the analysis of legacy code,
  • Generators allowing you to generate automatically SCA applications from legacy code

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