OCP Modeler

Create modern and powerful
modeling solutions for the Cloud

Modeling in the Cloud

OCP Modeler is a unique technology to easily develop
custom and state-of-the-art modeling tools to be deployed to the Cloud.


Fast Time-to-Market


Create and deploy a new modeling product 10 times faster than with a classic web development

No Desktop Deployment

No Desktop

No need to deploy anything on users’ desktops, your modeling tool is accessible through a web browser

Simultaneous Collaboration


Modeling tools created with OCP Modeler allows several users to work simultaneously on the same models

Domain-Specific Modeling Tool


Generic, OCP Modeler makes it possible to easily equip teams who have to deal with complex architectures or systems.

Modeling tools created with OCP Modeler can address any specific domain: software development, systems engineering, enterprise architecture, robotics, electronics, safety, … and many more.

OCP Modeler screenshot

Modern Modeling Experience

OCP Modeler is not just a revamping of Sirius in the web.

Relying on a modern technical stack, it implements a new UX design to offer a fluent and intuitive experience adapted to web usages.

A web tool also avoids deployments on users' desktops, allows you to centralize upgrades, and guarantees that everyone is working with the same version.

Detailed features  

Eclipse Sirius screenshot

Powered by Sirius Web

Eclipse Sirius is an open-source technology that dramatically reduces the time and effort for creating domain-specific modeling workbenches.

With OCP Modeler modeling tools are defined with Sirius Web, the web-based flavor of Sirius, deployed to the Cloud, and then rendered in a web browser.

Learn more about Sirius Web