A tooled approach designed to help companies and organizations bring agility to their digital transformations and their Enterprise Architecture.

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One of the challenges was to render our ecosystem comprehensible, with a pragmatic and operational approach. It is for that reason that we opted for the Obeo solution, since we realized that it provided what we wanted in terms of integration and interoperability.


Model-based Systems engineering workbenches that integrate your processes and offer viewpoints specific to each engineering field.

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Working with Obeo allowed us to develop a technology adapted to Thales' needs
and guarantee the quality level provided by an editor for an industrial usage.


Customized modeling solutions to enable business departments to visually configure applications themselves using the vocabulary specific to their field.  

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The Obeo solution enabled us to guarantee a grammar restricted to a business domain.
With this approach, our business users do not get bogged down in a technical model, thanks to personalized graphic representations.


A customized approach based on models and automatic code generation to industrialize software developments.

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The architectures of our applications can now be reproduced using templates and code generators.

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