Our vision

Model-Based Systems Engineering

In order to maintain a global and coherent vision, an alternative is to use a model-based approach (MBSE or Model-Based Systems Engineering).

We believe an MBSE workbench should be:

Adaptable: it should provide specific viewpoints and services well suited to the different steps and stakeholders of your engineering process ;

Open: it should enable integration and interoperability with third-party tools in order to access all design data and to promote information exchange ;

Scalable: it should be easily extended and maintained to support the enhancements inherent to Systems Engineering.

Realistic and pragmatic, this approach, which supports an operational industrialization of Systems Engineering, is a key factor in your competitiveness:

  • Effective decision-making ;
  • Collaboration facilitated between all stakeholders ;
  • Better understanding of system complexity ;
  • Enhanced integration of the various engineering tools.