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Team for Capella 1.4.0 (2019-12-20)

CompatibilityCapella 1.4.0


What's new

The Team for Capella 1.4.0 major release brings several major changes (compared to Team for Capella 1.3.1):

  • Compatibility with Capella 1.4.0
  • Reduction of the overhead brought by the collaborative features.
  • Improvements of representations lazy loading 
  • A "Locked by" tooltip has been added to the "Diagram is locked" icon visible on the diagram background when its model element is locked.
  • Addition of a Server warmup extension. It allows to read some parts of the database as soon as repositories are started in order to speed up the first access to the data and be close to the time observed on the next access.
  • Addition of a new mode to the Importer application which can now perform the import based on an XML extraction of the repository. In this mode there is no connection to the server and no interaction with other user, this avoids to overload the server.
  • Addition of a new Maintenance application to perform diagnostic and maintenance actions on a repository.
  • Modifications of the Scheduler
    • the new import strategy has been enabled by default in the backup jobs,
    • two new jobs have been added to launch the actions proposed by the Maintenance application.
  • Partial support for internationalization: all literal strings from the runtime part are now externalized and can be localized by third parties by providing the appropriate "language packs" as OSGi fragments
  • Internal optimizations and fixes to improve the stability of collaborative features and the compatibility between Sirius features and the collaborative add-on.

More details can be found in the integrated documentation.


Important note

Windows 10 users: Windows 10 Defender significantly slows down Eclipse, reason being Windows 10 Defender scanning the JAR files. The problem has been reported to Microsoft here. Until then, a workaround to this problem is to add Eclipse root directory to Windows 10 Defender's exclusion list, detailed steps are shared here.

Note: This is not just an Eclipse issue on Windows 10.


Fixed Issues

This version also introduces several fixes:

  • Importer application and collaborative features are now more robust against special characters in file paths, logins and passwords
  • Overriding existing remote project is now possible after the use of the cdo export OSGI Command or the use of the Backup database job.
  • A few other minor fixes around collaborative features or the compatibility between Capella features and the collaborative add-on.
  • Documentation minor fixes and improvements