Team for Capella

Simultaneously edit Capella models
with your team members

Team for Capella is an affordable and collaborative Capella add-on
to simply share your models on the same server


Live collaboration

Live Collaboration

Simultaneously work with
other users and dynamically
see their modifications.

Time saving

Time Saving

Don’t waste your time
resolving conflicts generated
by concurrent updates.

Standard Data Access

Standard Data Access

Your models and their
representations always
remain accessible.


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Live Collaboration


Automatic fine-grained locking

With Team for Capella, several users working on a MBSE project can simultaneously edit the same Capella model without conflicts.

Thanks to a fine-grained locking mechanism, no need to lock the whole model, to merge concurrent modifications nor to split the model into fragments. Now all the users can see in live the modifications made by authorized teammates.

Live Collaboration

Complementary to your versioning tool or PLM

Historic of versions can be managed separately with the versioning system of your choice.

All collaborative working sessions can start from any version coming from your versioning system and exported into Team for Capella database.

After the collaborative session is finished the result can be re-imported to form a new version.



Team for Capella provides a fine-grained concurrency management policy:
only the minimum set of elements are locked when modified, and automatically released on saving.

   Storage on a shared server

Models are stored on a server shared across all your authorized team members.

   Implicit locking

Any object being edited is automatically locked and indicated to other users by a specific decorator. Only this object and its closest dependents are locked, allowing other users to continue working on the same model.

These fine-grained temporary locks are automatically released as soon as the modifications are saved.

   Explicit locking

When you need to work on a long period on the same set of model elements, you can explicitly lock these elements.

The lock will only be released on-demand, as soon as you decide to allow other users to work on these elements

   Instant updating

As soon as a modification on a model element is saved it is automatically and instantly propagated across all users’ views.

No need to manually refresh your model in order to retrieve modifications performed by other users: you are always working on up-to-date model elements.

   Local project export Modeling projects which are installed on your environment can be exported to the remote repository and shared with other team members.
   Remote project import Projects installed on the remote repository can be imported into your environment.



Simple plan with simple pricing

per user, per month
Also available as an annual subscription or perpetual acquisition.


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This plan includes support on Team for Capella
private channel | maintenance releases | access to new versions


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