Obeo training

By experts ...

Obeo's training programs are designed by the leading French experts in the technologies concerned. The majority are Eclipse Foundation committers or even product creators.


... for direct application

In order to ensure the optimal quality of Obeo's training programs, our trainers are themselves regular users of the technologies you will be trained to use.

Our training programs are partly structured around practical exercises - 50% - allowing you to develop your skills thanks to concrete feedback and case study illustrations.

EMF 2 days    
Sirius 4 days    
Acceleo 3 days    


Trainings given in english are provided only on demand (see the available trainings list).


Our experts can come to your premises all over the world.


All our team members are fluent in english and provide english versions of training supports.


Obeo's added value

Obeo is an accredited training body, our training programs are eligible for the DIF (French Individual Training Entitlement). Obeo also offers "customized" as well as "in-company" training programs.

Ask for customized and on-demand training!

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