Obeo Designer    Methods and Tools for Architects

Obeo Designer helps you in ensuring your business by simply creating your own modeling tools with designers and code generators.

Create Your Own Language

Business managers and Information Systems managers have the ability to define and share a common language, each in their functions and roles. Obeo Designer ensures the consistency of these languages by letting them create the appropriate designers. All members of the company use the same common model, accorded to each individual member's own vocabulary and concerns.

Create Your Own Designers

Obeo Designer provides an integrated environment to design graphical viewpoints and representations. You can easily define for each viewpoint what is to be displayed, the graphical aspect, tool palettes and their associated behaviors, etc.

Originally designed to better control the complex systems of large companies, Obeo Designer makes it design a breeze with its unique "viewpoint approach", exclusive on the market.

This approach is used to display information using different kinds of representations (diagrams, tables, sequences, etc) and then group them by usage.

This freedom of representation is provided by the ability to modify every single element of the environment without advanced technical skills: graphical views, the data structure, validations, etc.

Create Your Own Generators

With Obeo Designer, we bring you the tooling to create your own code generators. This technology is based on Acceleo, an Open-Source code generation environment based on a pragmatic vision of the MDA. The code generation tools allow for the automatic generation of applications (or parts thereof) and fit into the agile development movement. These tools can produce the right code, consistent, fast and secure while relieving the developer of some cumbersome implementation details. A change in the structure of the application can be implemented much faster than by hand. In summary, Acceleo makes the translation between business logic models and functional applications possible.

Dealing properly with evolutions and maintenance means you are under perfect control of the code generated by developers. So in addition to Acceleo, Obeo Designer also brings along Obeo Traceability. It is the ideal tool to guarantee a perfect integration of the modeling approach with your projects. You can follow the traceability for your entire software production process.

It can be especially useful when your maintenance staff gets code from other teams. It will detect and correct all incoherences and synchronization problems between your application code and your models.

Drive the Eclipse platform

Obeo Designer is based on the best Eclipse Modeling Open Source components.

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