The Open Source

What's an Open Source Software ?

An Open Source software allows the user both to redistribute it and to consult/modify its source code.

Then an Open Source software, compared to an usual software, is like a music score compared to a recorded CD. It offers many advantages for companies :

  • licenses costs reduction,
  • independence from the software provider,
  • ensured continuity of the software thanks to the community,
  • possibility to modify the source code in order to adapt it to the user's specific needs.

Well-known examples include Linux, Open Office and the Eclispe platform.

Obeo and the Open Source Community

Obeo believes in the Open Source software since it represents big opportunities for the users. That's why Obeo distribute its Acceleo tool under EPL license. And after a year, the Acceleo community represented more than a thousand members!

Acceleo was developed in the Open Source way of thinking, which means it is based on standards and can be easily adapted to the needs of the customers. Obeo also offers consultancy and training to their customers in order to optimize the Acceleo experience for the user.

Obeo wins the Open Innovation Award with the presentation of the Acceleo project at the Open World Forum 2010. This award is given to recognize the most innovative and game-changer open source solution in its marketplace. After the Eclipse Community Award in 2009, this prize confirms the constant efforts of Obeo and the Acceleo community to provide a quality tool.

Involved in the Open Source community, Obeo is always present at international conferences as EclipseCon, Eclipse Summit Europe, Open World Forum, Solutions Linux, RMLL. During these events several talks are presented by Obeo's collaborators and/or committers of the Eclipse platform. So plan to join us and learn about the latest Obeo products!

Obeo is also a founder member of Alliance libre association, consultancy pole for Open Source software in the area of Nantes.

Eclipse Foundation

Obeo is deeply involved in the Open Source community.

Certified by the "Best Open Source Eclipse-Based Developer Tool: Acceleo" award in 2009, Obeo is an important contributor to Eclipse. Obeo is the only French company strategic member counting 15 committers and 5 project leaders of its staff. Since 2009 Acceleo is an official project of the Eclipse Foundation and has become the reference solution for the Eclipse platform code generation.