Our mission

Obeo provides open software solutions to create and transform complex systems:

  • Industrial systems (avionics, space, defense, energy, transportation, etc.) ;
  • IT applications ;
  • Digital transformation of large companies.

As major Open Source player, Obeo is a strategic member of the Eclipse foundation (alongside IBM, Oracle, SAP, Google) and a member of The Open Group.

Our expertise

Our core business consists in helping our customers implement innovative and custom modeling solutions.

As provider of Open Source technologies such as Sirius (graphic modeling) and Acceleo (code generation), Obeo markets Obeo Designer and Obeo SmartEA software solutions (mapping and strategic business transformation).

These solutions combine the openness of Open Source and the reliability of a software provider.

Our successes

Thanks to its position as a global leader in the field of Eclipse Modeling technologies, Obeo boasts more than 100 references, including some of the largest companies. More than a quarter of our turnover comes from the export market.

The prestigious awards won by Obeo reflect our employees' investment and the values ​​driven by the company: excellence, innovation, openness, and human development.



Obeo references customers and partners

Numerous major companies and prestigious partners place their trust in us.


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