Code Generation

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Our expertise

Developing customized generators

A code generator allows you to leverage the models created with your modeling tools. They ensure continuity between your design and development activities.

Obeo develops generators that take into account your modeling rules to automatically produce the source code on the basis of your technical choices and development conventions.

To do this we rely on the DSL (Domain Specific Language) approach and the integration of standards (UML, SysML, BPMN, etc.).

Given that our code generators are themselves software components, we develop them using the Obeo quality approach, in order to ensure a high level of maintainability: non regression testing, continuous integration, the application of best practices for querying, performance optimization, extensible architecture.

The languages for which we have already delivered this type of generator are extremely varied: Java, C, C++, Ada, PHP, HTML/Javascript, etc.


Obeo's added value

To create a custom code generator that is both effective and maintainable, we use Acceleo, an Open Source technology of the Eclipse platform. With Obeo, you benefit from all of the expertise of the creators of this technology and the experience of our consultants acquired during numerous projects for our customers.

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