Support & Maintenance

Support and maintenance service

Secure your use of Eclipse technologies

To ensure the success of your critical projects, particularly over the long term, do you need access to cutting-edge technical expertise and a commitment regarding response times?

Our committers are at your disposal, offering technical support and maintenance services on numerous Open Source projects of the Eclipse Foundation.

Supported Technologies

Obeo supports numerous Eclipse technologies

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Subscription Options

Technical Assistance Public (Eclipse Forum) Private Private
Availability   9AM-6PM CET - 5 days/7 9AM-6PM CET - 5 days/7
Contact Points   1 2
Upgrade Assistance*      
Issue Reporting Public (Eclipse Bugtracker) Private Private
Eclipse Service Releases      
Fixes Priority      
Private Build      
Response Time   Guaranteed Guaranteed
      - Blocker   3 days 1 day
      - Major   1 week 3 days
      - Minor   1 month 1 month
Open Innovation On Demand On Demand 20h

* Option only provided for projects leaded by Obeo: Acceleo, EEF, EMF Compare and Sirius

For Sirius, discover the additional options provided with these Subscription Options


Obeo's added value

Obeo is a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation and is proud to have more than twenty committers.

Our role within Eclipse is testimony to the fact that the company's expertise is keeping pace with the technologies we support.

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